We are Generation Identity Europe

Founded in 2012, our movement is now the biggest patriotic youth movement in Europe. With active sections in many european countries we have become a driving force to defend and save our european identities and traditions. The demand of Generation Identity is to keep Europe an european continent. We want to stop and invert the dangerous demographic trend, that will lead to the replacement of our people and to the end of our values and civilisation. Generation Identity is force of activism: from small flyers to big demonstrations – we are the first line of resistance against the disastrous policy of multiculturalism. Our Office is the Street!

Why we fight

Multicultural societies are inherently violent and undermine the development of both individuals and peoples. To break with this model, we advocate a policy of remigration, in other words the return to their countries of origin of a majority of the non-Europeans who settled on our soil. Generation Identity promotes local and national identities but refuses any chauvinism or irredentism. Antagonisms between European peoples or countries may exist but must be overcomed as we’re facing a struggle for our common civilisation, which has its roots in the Christian and Greek-Latin tradition. Our struggle for Europe must not be confused with a defence of the European Union, a bureaucratic structure devoid of identity and roots, without real and protected borders. Far from any nostalgia, Generation Identity is an innovative movement that does not recognize itself in any regime or political party of the past.

How do we act

Our movement wants to mobilise people on order to influence european leaders and bring healthy political change. Our methods are based on grassroot activism and spectacular actions with high media impact. In this respect, we consider the electoral struggle as one mean among others, but not as an end in itself. We favour networking and the creation of opinion relays (associations, companies, neighbourhood houses, alternative media, etc.). We act with an open face, in a disciplined manner and in accordance with the law, refusing any form of provocation or unnecessary and counterproductive posture.


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